Experienced Accounting Consultant in Pennsylvania

Hello, I’m Tonya Fleming, an expert in providing accounting services, payroll services, and tax preparation services in and around the Pennsylvania area.

Fleming Accounting Solutions
Fleming Accounting Solutions

Accounting Services

At Fleming Accounting Solutions, I provide professional accounting services for businesses and individuals. With over 20 years of experience in accounting, it is my goal to help clients discover ways to reduce and eliminate accounting dilemmas and stresses with streamlined efficiency so that they can focus on their businesses and lives.

Payroll Services

As an experienced accounting consultant, I provide accurate payroll services at Fleming Accounting Solutions that will ensure that your W-2 employees and independent contractors are paid in a timely fashion with all the appropriate forms and procedures. My accounting services are intended to remove any stress or headaches from the financial operations of your business.

I will make sure that your payroll plan is correctly executed so that you don't need to worry about IRS penalties, Medicare, Social Security, or any of the other complexities involved in making sure your valued employees are adequately paid.

Fleming Accounting Solutions

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation can be a tricky business. At Fleming Accounting Solutions, I provide both individual and business tax preparation that makes tax season easy and stress-free.

My firm's modern techniques and technologies will assist you in tax planning so that you can anticipate every possible tax outcome and have clear expectations about your financial health.

As an enrolled agent, I am authorized to represent clients in an IRS audit and speak with the IRS about the client's tax situation.

Call Fleming Accounting Solutions today to find out what I can do to make your life and business simple and make the numbers work in your favor.